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How does it work?

Go from video file to globally shareable video link in seconds. Click "Copy Link" to get your own custom url. Then, whenever you are ready, click "Upload" to share your local file to that unique url. Once upload is complete, anyone in the world will be able to watch your video at its original quality from that link with minimal buffering. The site will take additional time to back up the video to a secondary server, however, you can still stream/share the video while its being backed up.

How long is my url valid for?

Unlike other sites in this space, we do not take any videos down. Your url will always be valid, provided the content does not violate our Terms of Use

How long does it take to upload?

Smaller files (20-30MB) are uploaded in under a minute and larger files (150MB +) take 3-4 minutes

Why does it say "Backing Up for Better Reliability"?

You can still view the video while its being backed up. We want to make sure Swoo videos have the best relaiblility and fastest upload speeds. To do this, we make a second copy of each video upon upload. This helps us serve the videos more reliably and at faster rates with no buffering in locations across the world

What kind of content can I share?

You can share whatever you like provided it does not violate our Terms and Conditions